To establish a firm global footing and sustained growth, the Indian CE industry needs to build a stable foundation tethered to technology development. It will also need to work towards becoming an increasingly sustainable industry.

The Technology & Sustainability Panel at ICEMA engages with the key Government stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, ministries, and relevant departments to build a facilitative regulatory environment to achieve these goals. Some specific areas of engagement include emission norms for Off-Highway CEMM equipment, safety & emission (CEV Stage IV and V) regulations and CEMM related regulatory issues.

A CEMM Test Center to certify the CE manufactured in India according to standards and regulations will play a key role in enhancing global acceptability and improving the brand image. The Panel is thus pursuing with the Government the need for setting up a CEMM test center.

The Panel is also proactively tracking developments in environment and climate change regulations and assessing its implications for Indian CE industry, including timing of potential regulatory asks.

Standards play an important role in building global acceptance of any equipment/machinery as well as in enhancing its safety. This panel coordinates with agencies such as BIS, DGMS, Indian Road Congress, testing organisations amongst others and provides inputs for formulating related regulations and standards for CE industry. Networking with international stakeholders on latest developments on global safety and sustainability regulations remains an important area of work for this panel.

Encouraged by the Government of India, ICEMA is working on a roadmap for development of alternate fuel powered CEVs. The Panel is bringing together stakeholders from the industry, Government and other relevant bodies for envisioning the roadmap.

Going forward the concept of equipment end of life/circularity (including remanufacturing, equipment scrapping policy) will become critical for the CE industry to remain a sustainable and environment friendly industry. The panel is proactively working with the stakeholders to develop an environment to encourage this concept in India.