ICEMA Compilation: Embracing Equity

Over the past few years, the Indian Construction Equipment (CE) industry has witnessed increasing participation by women, not only in research, IT and management roles, but across the board, including the shopfloor, commissioning and operation of machinery and in mining. A huge part of the credit for this welcome development goes to the CE manufacturers/OEMs, who have been making great efforts towards embracing equity, diversity and inclusion in their workforce through proactive initiatives, and thus creating a conducive environment for women in the workplaces.

ICEMA “Embracing Equity” is a compilation of initiatives taken by ICEMA members to make their workplaces more conducive for women employees.

As the CE industry reinforces the imperative of embracing equity and takes constructive steps towards gender diversity and inclusivity, this compendium of member initiatives is an offering to recognise and honor the incredible women who are shaping the future of CE industry with their remarkable strength, intelligence, and passion.