ICEMA COVID-19 Compendium


ICEMA COVID-19 Booklet is a compendium that recognizes the selfless and proactive initiatives undertaken by ICEMA and its member companies to support the nation and communities in the wake of COVID-19.

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has been widespread in 2020-21 impacting every strata of society and business operations in India and globally. Being an integral part of the manufacturing sector, the Indian Construction Equipment Industry too has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has been heartening to see that, despite challenges faced by the CE industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICEMA and its member companies stepped up to support the communities and the country’s healthcare infrastructure by way of a number of CSR initiatives directed towards providing critical medical care equipment to hospital and healthcare centres, supporting the underprivileged and the poor and extending support to employees, their families and key industry stakeholders during these unprecedented times.

ICEMA COVID-19 Compendium is a story of many such selfless initiatives taken by the Construction Equipment industry in order to support the society and help the nation come out winners in its fight with COVID-19 pandemic.