Market Data & Analytics Panel

ICEMA Market Data & Analytics Panel works closely with the members on a regular basis for collecting market and sales data. This data does not only help the CE industry, but the entire manufacturing sector as a whole, as it provides the basis for supply chain members to make key projections. Customer profile being a major factor in handling the asset risk, hence, collation of customer data, their behaviour and the quality of portfolio are a strong need for the industry. This information helps the manufacturers in big way in identifying the risks in specific product & consumer segments and enable the lenders to effectively manage their lending scorecards. The panel is also responsible for sharing monthly and quarterly industry updates with the industry members and publish the relevant industry reports from time to time.

Mr. V. Vivekanand
Country Manager & Managing Director
Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Jasmeet Singh
Associate Vice President Corporate Communications & Corp. Relations
JCB India Ltd.