A key aspect of the successful implementation of the Vision Plan 2030 requires coordinated efforts across the financial ecosystem. This will require a three-pronged approach: engaging with government to help build an enabling policy framework, endeavor to improve access to financial resources and explore new business models for the CE industry.

The Financial Ecosystem Panel will continue to engage with policy makers and financial institutions/ banks to represent the CE industry’s issues and make recommendations to the government on improving availability and affordability of finance and creating an enabling taxation and financial regulatory regime in the country. Preparing and submitting a pre-budget memorandum to the Government of India, remains a key area of focus of the financial ecosystem panel.

The panel is exploring and developing innovative financial solutions in collaboration with the financial ecosystem stakeholders. A specific area of work is to engage with startups active in MSME and supply chain financing and connect them to member organizations. With a view to advocating and establishing the right ecosystem for growing the rental and leasing industry for CE in India, the Financial Panel explores partnerships with other industry associations of interest such as, CERA.

Going forward India’s CE industry has the potential to integrate new business models to drive sustained value. One of these is a platform approach to business which takes cognizance of customer requirements across the ownership lifecycle and endeavours to create a reliable platform that serves as a one-stop solution for customers’ needs. The financial panel is exploring emerging business models such as EaaS, MaaS, amongst others, towards this end.