Strategic partnerships strengthen ICEMA’s ability to respond to its members’ needs, address challenge and expand the basket of opportunities. These also play a critical role in exploring new markets for the Indian CE industry and enhancing the industry’s global brand image.

In this backdrop, ICEMA Strategic Partnerships Panel identifies and strives to partner with select State Governments that offer potential for Indian CE industry as well as Central Government projects in states.

Engagement with domestic as well as international associations such as CEMA, KOCEMA, AEM, CCMA, CECE and international/bilateral trade bodies in potential markets are being driven with a view to expanding the Indian CE industry’s international reach.

To build synergies and collaborate with related industries, the panel is exploring partnerships with associations such as CII and CII ASCON members, IDEMA, BAI amongst others.

The panel continuously engages with other key stakeholders such as media, academia/research organizations amongst others and is developing platforms for interaction with identified potential partners.