Other Recommendations

Emission Norms for Off-highway CEMM Equipment

Representations seeking the release of roadmap regarding emission norms for Off-highway CEMM equipment were submitted to CPCB, MoRTH, MoEFCC and DHI. ICEMA is pursuing these with various departments.

Guidelines for Selection of Hydraulic Excavators

After participation in the G4-Mechanisation Committee of Indian Road Congress (IRC) the revised version of “Guidelines for Selection of Hydraulic Excavators” was prepared and sent to IRC for their further action.

Mother Technologies

As a move towards building an AtmaNirbhar Bharat, ICEMA identified the following Mother Technology Products and Projects for indigenous development. These have been shared with same to DHI for their consideration and support.

I. Mother Technology Products:

  1. Crawler Shovel – Bucket capacity : 2 cu m
  2. Radio (Remote) Control Dozer : 100 hp
  3. Higher capacity Electric Rope Shovels : 20 cu m
  4. Hydraulic Excavator (both diesel & electric drive): 15~20 cu m
  5. Crawler Dozer : 500 ~ 950 hp
  6. Hydrostatic drive Dozer : 250 ~ 400 hp
  7. Wheel loader : 7~10 cu m
  8. Electric Dump Trucks: 190 ton – 240 ton
  9. Walking Draglines: 72 m – 33 cu m and 150m – 50 cu m

II. Mother Technology Projects:

  1. Diesel Engine Emission Control (Exhaust Gas treatment) System – Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
  2. Electronic Controlled Engine and its systems for conforming with BS-V emission norms
  3. Acoustics for reducing the Noise levels in CEMM equipment
  4. High Pressure Hydraulic systems – Axial piston Pumps & Motors and Control Valves
  5. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) for Dumpers and Wheel Loaders
  6. Mine Management System for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery
  7. AI and Telematics for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery
  8. Battery technology for hybrid excavator / Dozer / Wheel loader
  9. Electric drive technology for mini excavator / backhoe loader / mini dozer.
  10. Test rig system (Dyno, controller etc.,) for automotive
  11. Home grown GPS and supporting technologies.
  12. Electric drives, battery systems and battery management systems
  13. Displays, control panels, controllers
  14. Electronic Hydraulic control units
  15. Soil / dirt / earth / construction material and tools interaction test facilities.