Strengthening the manufacturing ecosystem of India’s CE Industry is one of the most significant aspects of achieving its Vision Plan 2030. ICEMA’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Panel works to strengthen this ecosystem by creating platforms to enhance global competitiveness of OEMs, de-risk the supply chain and encourage increased indigenization amongst others. Towards this end the panel continuously engages with relevant stakeholders including government, industry, supply chain partners, academic/ R&D institutions and others.

Facilitating the development, awareness and adoption of manufacturing, procurement and supply chain management best practices is one of the key aspects of the Panel’s work. Given that any industry can only be as strong as its supply chain partners, the Panel proactively assesses issues and challenges that impact the CE industry’s supply chain’s resilience and promotes collaborative thinking. It is also designing programs to help enhance competitiveness of this major stakeholder, comprising mainly of MSMEs.

With a view to supporting the objectives of AatmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, the Panel works both with the Government and the industry. While launching initiatives to encourage increased indigenization by manufacturers, the Panel makes policy recommendations to the Government for incentivizing the indigenization efforts of OEMs and supply chain players. The Panel is also building a case for the government to set up component manufacturing parks for Indian CE industry. Efforts are afoot to develop platforms for encouraging enhanced use of Industry 4.0 for digitalization and automation of manufacturing processes.

Indian CE industry’s cost of doing business places significant pressure on its bottomline impacting its ability to compete in the global markets. The panel makes representations to the policy makers to address the issues related to spiralling input costs and other components of CoDB. It also advocates solutions and provides inputs for making Indian CE manufacturing globally competitive.