A strong Indian CE industry brand both within India as well as at the global level, can enable the industry to realize its full growth potential and contribute to India’s economic growth. In this context ICEMA has set itself the vision to build the Indian CE industry’s image as a globally competitive and technologically advanced industry. The Brand Building & Communication Panel at ICEMA, comprising of CMOs and marketing heads of some of the best names in the industry, drives this vision of the organisation.

This panel triggers conversations around issues, challenges and opportunities that the industry offers and enhances communication with external and internal stakeholders. Various channels/platforms are created to create awareness about the contribution of CE industry to society/Indian economy and the industry’s efforts towards building an AtmaNirbhar Bharat.

ICEMA invites various stakeholders, including the media to join hands in creating awareness about the CE industry’s endeavours in innovation, adoption of technology, its business excellence and competitiveness.

This Panel, also ICEMA’s Membership outreach arm, creates opportunities for existing members to connect with the secretariat and expand the Association’s reach in the industry through membership enhancement.