Strengthening the skill ecosystem in Infrastructure Equipment sector

17 November 2020

ICEMA submitted recommendations to Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship regarding strengthening the skill ecosystem in infrastructure equipment sector. The need for enhancing the cost of training for Infrastructure Equipment Operators under the “Common Cost Norms” was highlighted. The need for ensuring that the Council and OEMs are provided compensation which is commensurate with the level of expenditure being incurred was emphasized as being imperative for strengthening the skill ecosystem in the infrastructure/ construction equipment sector.

ICEMA suggested that the Skill Councils should play an important role and scale-up the training levels to meet the projected demand. At present, IESC works with around 61 Training Partners (TPs), comprising mostly of OEMs and their associates. This number is grossly inadequate vis-à-vis the 400+ TPs required to meet the demand of trained operators.

Given the high CAPEX and OPEX, hardly any private organizations (other than OEMs) exist in the sectoral skill development ecosystem. Even the existing TP OEMs have in their inventory only for low-cost equipment such as backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators (10ton) and hydra cranes (pick n carry). ICEMA urged the Government to consider enhancing the common cost norms applicable for their sponsored training programs such as PMKVY to realistic levels to enable financial viability for the Training Providers.