Establishment of an Authority to administer regulations for CEMM equipment

19 October 2020

The Indian Construction, Earthmoving, Material Handling and Mining (CEMM) equipment industry is governed / administered by multiple agencies of the Government for various safety regulations and emission norms. In addition, the industry is required to interact with other Government agencies such as DGFT, DPIIT, DoEF for specific concerns.

In this context ICEMA submitted a representation to the Government of India requesting for the establishment of a nodal agency to administer the CEMM equipment related regulations. ICEMA highlighted that in the process of complying with relevant regulations and norms instituted by multiple agencies the CEMM industry faces several challenges. There are instances when different agencies announce regulations without adequate and timely involvement of the CE industry. In the process, sometimes the specific challenges facing the CE industry do not get sufficiently articulated. As a result, OEMs find it difficult to comply with these regulations within the stipulated time.

In the absence of an appropriate Act / legal framework for regulating the standards/ regulations for emission norms and safety requirements of CEMM equipment, ICEMA suggested the establishment of an Authority / Nodal body for administering the same. ICEMA, further proposed the inclusion of its representatives in the proposed Authority to articulate the industry views.